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apple anonymous


Apple (pie) Anonymous

This particular pie (above) is decorated with a sophisticated, ‘falling leaves’ pattern, but my mom has been known to decorate the tops of pies with strange, free form, cut-out blobs of dough she says are turkeys, and little blobs of dough she claims are turkey poops….(because, “dessert is supposed to be fun.”)

If you are an avoider of booze-bomb desserts, step away from this article now.

Because what follows is full of liquor (as well as apples.)

From December ’07 Cook’s Illustrated

This crust is engineered using vodka, to be the ultimate in flaky:

2 ½ c. all purpose flour

1 t. salt

2 T. sugar

12 T. cold butter, chopped (1 ½ sticks)

1/4 c. cold vodka

1/4 c. cold water (in case your vodka gets thirsty)

Prepare pie crust using your food processor and the technique known to cuisinarters as ‘pulsing.’

Otherwise, use cold hands, or pastry cutters or knives, or a ricer even, to distribute the butter throughout the flour mixture, and then bring it into a ball by adding the vodka and water and smooshing it together with a spatula.

Refrigerate the dough in two discs, wrapped in plastic wrap until you are ready to make the pie.

Once you are ready, roll it out into a thin layer on a lightly floured countertop, and line a pie plate with it.  Fill the pie crust with my mom’s favorite apple filling, which she makes using my dad’s favorite rum, which, we shouldn’t tell him.

4 granny smith, 4 braeburn.  Peel and slice the apples and toss with the rest-

1 c. sugar, ½ c. all purpose flour, 2 T. Dark Rum (solera, appleton estates, or meyers, in that order, favorites), 1 t. cinnamon

½ t. salt

Grated nutmeg

(From October ’04 Cuisine at Home)

Bake at 425’ for 20 minutes then 375’ until golden brown, about 30 minutes more.


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