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Frank O’Hara Fortunes


“I think you’re wonderful and so does everyone else.

Just as Jackie Kennedy has a baby boy, so will you—even bigger.

You will meet a tall beautiful blond stranger, and you will not say hello.

You will take a long trip and you will be very happy, though alone.

You will marry the first person who tells you your [...]


Meatballs make the man, says Artemio

with the arch of his back

while he is crouched over

bus tubs of raw

pork, ground

and parmesan, and milk

and oregano and veal and things, knees on the concrete

and tile

second time this week, producing same results, January

cold floor, icy mornings, steaming sip, numb after noon, delayed for dinner, abbreviated in rest

some mornings we [...]

delicious invalid food


Sweet summertime

of New York’s empty city

The taller the tower

the hazier the cloud

Ring around my raspberry flavored mind


The shape of an egg

reminds me what we like to see

In New York the vinegar is wine

In New York there is only fruit and labor

The bread comes as quickly as they can bake it up

comes as quickly as is, [...]

Poem as recipe (which is also dinner)

Making Brisket is as simple as it is DEEEE-LI-CIOUS.

Buy the meat

(some people marinate the meat in herbs, fresh garlic, and chilies first.)

I just

Brown the (salted) outside of the meat in a hot-as-possible pan, then

Set the meat (fat side up) in deep-enough roasting pan.

Brown some cleaned vegetables in the trail left by the meat’s browning.

Let them [...]

guest poets

from travelin’ m.: Here is a submission to sillypants for a guest columnist, it’s a half written poem that almost caused a car wreck on I-10W outside of New Orleans.

Sunrise in my rearview mirror
Illuminating my past
Lighting my future
Ouch, my eyes


“treading through butter”
poet, Roo Bird

in the morning rose a sunken sheep
like rainbows rising from a cloudless heap
through [...]

Poem written at Osteria la Lanterna

The girl with the tattoo blossoming on her elbow
gave the boy a kiss for his face
while, he ate
carrots and greenbeans bolito.
Couldn’t tell if it annoyed him
Or not, but
whatsome annoyance in a day when your life is going fairly well anyway without your having to touch anything, and
they loved between it, between themselves
and it was easy [...]

advice poem

Everything you really need to be, you are already.  Eventually, later on

You’ll know words

like sarcasm, solipsism, irony, and ego, and thus

By being that which you are not, you’ll follow a bright path – light it up from the inside all by yourself.

These days you don’t do much by yourself.  But you’ll see.  A lot of [...]

Italian graffiti

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Silly pants calm face

This is a group of poems called, Silly pants calm face

Disco Mind Red Light District Blues

Is Stu gonna write a book about his life?
It’s so true he’s told us twice
Red light special burning low
So only he would ever know.
It must get cold here in the winter
Glassy snow, boats crack the river
Pool q bends and pool [...]


I swear I didn’t write the above (Rome, 2006).  I did write these poems: 

Poem about page 163 in Italian Two Easy, by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers 

350’ oven, melted half-stick of butter in a baking dish, one rinsed and dried chicken, all salted and lemoned and lemoned and salted, and placed on its side.

Handful of fresh [...]